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Aside from myself, I don't know anyone who would want to go to the market at 3:30am every day to get the freshest produce and since I'm already going, might as well have us deliver it for you. There are several easy ways we can do this. All you have to do is choose your day (Mon-Fri) and pick a box

A) Provide us a set list of what you are wanting each week. You can change your items whenever you need extra this or already have too much of that. (we're not strict!)

B) Go for our Beautiful £30 mix box which contains a fresh mix of Fruit, Veg and Salad.

C) Email a list at least a day before your delivery ( and we'll deliver it. 

You can also email ( if you are after a one off delivery for a special event, just to try out our produce/service or if you are wanting some bulk produce for juicing etc. 

Delivery times do vary depending on traffic and workload so most of our customers are happy for us to leave the delivery on a porch or an alternative suitable safe place.

From time to time the odd potato might be hiding a sinister secret under its skin. Let us know if you have any problems and we'll knock it off your bill next time.

Home Delivery: Welcome
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